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How We Work

ADM's teamwork approach guarantees the client senior-level professionals who are assigned to areas in which they have demonstrated expertise. There are no interns or entry-level staff members, nor people who are assigned to tasks for which they have little experience in order to keep them billable.

ADM works with clients to develop a customized approach to various marketing issues. First, we meet to understand the business and marketing objectives, the issues to be explored or communicated, and the relevant audiences.

Then, we design and carry out a program, using network partners whenever necessary, and information-gathering techniques appropriate to the client's specific needs and market environment.


1. Consulting to determine the best and most efficient method to meet the client's objectives:

  • Secondary research (trends analysis, competitive assessment)
  • Audit of prior research
  • Strategy sessions
  • Qualitative research (focus groups, IDIs - Individual Depth Interviews)
  • Quantitative research (telephone, in-person, or online surveys)
  • Combinations of methods

2. Calling on network partners, when appropriate, for:

  • Secondary research
  • Data collection
  • Direct marketing
  • Public relations
  • Global research

3. Consulting to review results and discuss next steps

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